We offer one-day tour packages from Tirupati to Golden temple Vellore Taxi Fare, which also covers other places like Srinivasa Managapuram and Kanipakam. Our knowledgeable drivers are always there to guide you about different places and their importance. You can even customize your packages for more days to visit many other places in and around Tirupati. Or else, you can pay per kilometer basis and visit various places according to your wish. Choose the best package which suits your requirements and enjoys your spiritual trip to Vellore Mahalakshmi temple.

We Tirupati Trip arrange a taxi service or cab service from Tirupati to Vellore Golden temple and below are travel packages from different pick-up points.

Tirupati to Golden temple Vellore taxi fare

Tirupati to Vellore taxi fare - Tirupatitrip.com

Vehicle TypeSeating CapacityTaxi Fare
Sedan (Etios/ Dzire)4 + 14800/-
Minivan (Innova)7 + 17400/-
Minivan (Innova Crysta)7 + 18200/-
Minibus (Traveller)12 + 111500/-

Importance Of Vellore

Vellore is known for its famous Golden temple also called Sripuram golden temple, which happens to be an abode of Sri Mahalakshmi. Vellore is around 134 km far from Tirupati and located Tamil Nadu. The temple, which was constructed in 2007, is called the golden temple because its exterior is covered with golden plates. The temple is located near a small and green hill, located in 100-acre land.

The temple opens at 4 am and closes at 8 pm. The temple does not have a strict dress code, but wearing shorts, lungis and Bermudas are not allowed. Photography inside the temple is strictly prohibited.

How to Reach Golden temple:

  • 49 km away from Chittoor.
  • The distance from Tirupati is 134 km away.
  • Train at Kattpadi railway station and reach Sripuram.
  • 145 km from Chennai airport This field is away.
  • Travelers traveling to Tirumala Yatra can also visit Sripuram along with Kanipakam and Srinivasa Mangapuram.

Tirupati to Vellore Golden Temple

The distance from Tirupati to Vellore golden temple comes around 130 km and the round trip from Vellore to Tirupati distance is around 280 km which includes traveler food travel distance and pickup points distance. Our taxi drivers will pick you from any pick-up points like railway station, bus stand, hotel or your doorstep.

Golden Temple near Tirupati

Many pilgrims on their spiritual trip to Tirumala Sri Balaji also wants to visit Sri Mahalakshmi temple also known as the golden temple in Sripuram. But they will belive that the golden temple is near Tirupati. But it's not true. It's 130 km away from Tirupati and located in Tamilnadu state and it takes 6 hours of travel time by taxi. But we arrange a taxi from Tirupati to Sripuram to fullfill your idea of visiting Sri Balaji and Vellore golden temple.

Tirupati to Sripuram via kanipakam distance

Tirupati to kanipakam it's 70 KM and from Kanipakam to Sripuram is 60 KM and and it cost 4800/- for sedan, 7400/- for innova, 8200/- for innova crysta and 11000/- for tempo traveller which includes parking and state tax and the charges are for round trip.

Taxi fare from Tirupati Balaji to Vellore Golden temple

Vehicle TypeSeating CapacityPrice
Sedan (Etios/ Dzire)4 + 15800/-
Minivan (Innova)7 + 19000/-
Minivan (Innova Crysta)7 + 19500/-
Minibus (Traveller)12 + 114000/-

Taxi fare from Tirupati Airport to Vellore Golden temple

Vehicle TypeSeating CapacityPrice
Sedan (Etios/ Dzire)4 + 15200/-
Minivan (Innova)7 + 18000/-
Minivan (Innova Crysta)7 + 18800/-
Minibus (Traveller)12 + 112500/-

Tirupati to katpadi taxi fare

Some devotees who visit Tirumala wants to include Vellore golden temple in their itinerary and they hire taxi for it. After visiting golden temple, they like to be dropped at Katpadi railways station, since it's a big railway junction and they have lots of train connectivity to major cities all over India like Vijayawada, Delhi, Howrah, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad etc. So, if you wish to directly get dropped at Katpadi junction, then it's 113 KM from Tirupati or else if you want to visit golden temple and get dropped in Katpadi junction, then it is 130 KM from Tirupati. Katpadi Junction near Vellore is the main terminus and junction of Vellore. Approximately 259 trains halts at this Katpadi Junction. Major traveller’s to Katpadi Railway station are people who visit the Vellore Golden Temple.

Vehicle TypeSeating CapacityPrice
Sedan (Etios/ Dzire)4 + 14800/-
Minivan (Innova)7 + 17400/-
Minivan (Innova Crysta)7 + 18200/-
Minibus (Traveller)12 + 111500/-

Tirupati airport to CMC Vellore Cab/ Taxi

People visit Vellore CMC hospital from all over India and it located in Tamil Nadu state. One of the options to reach Vellore cmc hospital is from Tirupati airport. Tirupati airport to cmc Vellore distance is around 120 KM and it takes around 3 hours travel time.

Note : Above charges are excluding of Tamil nadu state tax, toll and paking charges.