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Importance Of Kanchi

Kanchi also called as Kancheepuram is located at a distance of 72 KM from Chennai and 111 KM from Tirupathi. The town is located on the banks of river Vegavathy, now known as Palar River. This place holds great importance for both Shaivism and Vishnavism. This historic place is the center for many battles fought between Shaivite and Vishnavaitees which have destroyed many great sculptures and idols. The history of Kanchi goes back to the epic Mahabharata where this city is a major part of the Dravidian Kingdom.

Kanchi is a land of many historic temples and of all Kamakshi Amman is one of the most important temples.


The temple was built by Pallava Kings in 6 A.D. The main temple is called Gayatri Mandap and the goddess here has three forms Kamakshi Amman, Sri Bilahasam and Sri Chakram. The main deity of Kamakshi Amman is seated in a padmasana (Yogic posture) which signifies peace and prosperity. The deity holds Sugarcane in one arm and a flowered bow in other arms. It is believed that by chanting Lalitha Sahasranam in this place, one can be peaceful and happy in their life. Famous scholar Adhi Sankaracharya has denoted Sree-Chakram in the temple premises to reduce the anger of Goddess.

The deity of Kamakshi Amman is considered as one among 18 Maha Shakthi Peetas. ‘Ka’ means Goddess Saraswathi, ‘Ma’ means Goddess Lakshmi and ‘Kshi’ means eyes which indicates that the deity here has the power of Goddess Saraswathi ( Goddess of Knowledge) and Goddess Lakshmi ( Goddess for wealth) in her both eyes.

According to Siva Puranam, the goddess has made a Sivalinga out of soil here and started offering prayers to Lord Shiva. To test the goddess, Lord Shiva in the form of Kambha River raised the tides to destroy the Lingam but the goddess protected the Idol with her two hands. Another legend says that Goddess has performed pooja by sitting on the tip of the needle surrounded by 5 fires (Pancha-Agni) and Lord Shiva, impressed by her dedication married the goddess.


The penance is performed to five deities. The Moola Virat is Kamakshi Amman located in the Gayatri Mandap where there are four walls that signifies the four Vedams and 24 pillars that signifies the 24 letters in Gayatri Mantram. The Tapo Kamakshi, Anjana Kamakshi, Swarna Kamakshi, Utsava Kamakshi are the other four deities.

The Navaratri is categorized into 3 parts and the deity is decorated and worshipped accordingly. On the first 3 days, Amman is worshipped as Goddess Durga, next three days as Goddess Lakshmi and last three days as Goddess Saraswathi. On these days a girl child (Kanya) and Married woman ( Vivaha-Vathi) are worshipped as the goddess and important new segments are started after the pooja. It is believed that worshipping a woman gives strength and success to any task performed.

There is a legend saying that King Dasaratha offered prayer to Kamakshi Amman before performing Putra Kamesti Yagam, Many couples offer prayer to the goddess for children.

There is a Go-shala (cow’s shed) and Gaja-shala( elephant sanctuary) here and every day at 5 AM special pooja’s are performed to both the animals.

Temple Timings:

The temple opens at 6 AM and closes at 12.30 PM, again opens at 4 PM and remains till 8 PM. On every full moon day Nava- Varna pooja is performed at 10 PM. And Chandana Alamkaram( decoration using sandalwood) is performed on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Other temples:

Sri Ekambareswar temple is located at a distance of 1.5 KM from the Kamakshi temple. It is the temple of lord Shiva in the form of Prithvi (earth) Lingam (one of the pancha lingams). This temple is one of the largest temples in India which covers about 24 acres. This temple was built during the rule of Cholas. The temple opens at 5.30 AM and closes at 10 PM.

Sri kailasanathar temple is located at a distance of 1.7 Km from Kamkshi Amman and is the oldest temple located in Kanchi built by Rajasimha of Pallava Dynasty. The temple has a great architecture and which is a major tourist attraction.

Sri varadharaja temple is located at a distance of 3.9 KM from Kamakshi amman and is one of the Divya desams(108 temples of Lord Vishnu visited by alwars). This temple is famous for not only 40 feet high idol of Varadharaja Swamy( Lord Vishnu) which is made of wood but also for its Gold and Silver Lizards present inside the temple. It is believed that touching these Lizards relieve from any ill effects that occur due to the falling of real lizards on various parts of the body and bring peace, prosperity and wealth into the household.

The Varadharaja perumal along with Ekambareswar temple and Kamakshi amman are together known as Mumurthivasam (the co-existence of three gods).

How to reach Kanchipuram:

  • Frequent buses are available from Tirupati and Chennai.
  • Though Kanchi has a railway station, the frequency of trains is very less here. So it is better to reach the nearest train station which is Arkonam located at a distance of 30 KM and go by bus or cab from there.
  • The nearest airport is Chennai at a distance of 72 KM.
  • Free temple buses are available from the bus station and railway station which are located at 1.7 Km and 2.5 KM from the main temple.

Places we cover

  • We can cover Thiruthani temple on the way to Kanchipuram.

Price In Detail

Number Of Kiometers and Journey Time

Number Of KilometersTravel Time
112 KM3 Hours

Pickup Points

  • Tirupati Railway station
  • Tirupati Bus Stand
  • Any Hotel/ Residence In Tirupati