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swift dzire car rentals in tirupatiSwift Dzire4 + 1 (Driver)3550
etios car rentals in tirupatiEtios4 + 1 (Driver)3550
innova car rentals in tirupatiInnova7 + 1 (Driver)5150
tavera car rentals in tirupatiTavera9 + 1 (Driver)5150
traveller car rentals in tirupatiTraveller13 + 1 (Driver)7000


Above mentioned prices are for 300 kilometers only. Above that each kilometer will be charged 11/- for 4 seater, 14/- for 7 and 9 seater, 17/- for 13 seater will be charged.

Importance Of Vellore

We remember Amritsar immediately, when we refer to the name of the Golden Temple. But now Sripura has won the reputation. The temple with golden pillars and the golden dome is the golden temple in Vellore, Tamilnadu of Sri Lakshmi Narayani Amma temple. It took six years of continuous labor to construct this temple, which is residing in 100-acre land and 1500 kgs of gold were used to carve 400 sculptures. The sculptures of the pillars were originally copper in the temple structure. Then he put the gold rings on the nine layers and sculpted the sculptures. Amman's idol was made of granite and adorned with a golden glove. The special hall and artificial fountains attract the attention of devotees while entering the temple premises. The mantle was moved from the right to the temple and left to the left. Man-made seven gates to go to the temple as a sign to get his seven births crossed.


Goddess Mahalakshmi’s idol is seen as a sign of golden crown with diamonds, rings, pearls, platinum jewelry, golden coins, and crowns. The temple is filled with water in the 10 ft area around the temple. As in the rest of the temples, there are no separate classes and disciplines in the view of vision. Here is the paradigm of equality where everyone should go in the queue and visit the Goddess. Cellphones, cameras, and eateries are not allowed in the temple for safety. When the devotees come out of the temple, the teachings of the holy scriptures from all the major religions like Quran and Bible are found on the walls, which eliminate the ignorance of the devotees.

For Darshan:

Sripuram is located seven kilometers away from Vellur on the way to Hosur in the south. Every day from 5.00 am to 7.30 am, the temple priests perform Harathi, Abshikam, and other pujas. At that time, the devotees are not allowed to enter the temple. The temple is open for visiting devotees from 7.30 am to 8 pm.

Who is this power full goddess:

The person behind the construction of the Narayani temple is the power. His original name is Satish Kumar. Singur Velaru. Father Nandagopal is a worker. Mother teacher. Born in 1976, Satish Kumar was not interested in toys but was interested in Vedas. After elementary education, he became a full-time devotee of Goddess. At the age of 16, he was renamed power. In 1992, the Narayani Peetham was founded. He is going to a bus on Sriperumbam at the sight of a coma from the sky. Narayani (Lakshmidhi's form) has appeared in this light. Since then, he has been performing the Puja, spiritual prophecies and service programs dedicated to the statue of Amman in the Narayani Peeta. The school is conducting a free clinic and school on the altar. Advising devotees, addressing solutions to their problems, all of us ... here are regularly organized programs. Powerful devotees spread across the country. His foundations are organized in various American and Canadian countries. Most of the donations of this Golden Temple are collected from devotees abroad.

Everything is unique!

The Sri Lakshmi Narayani Temple in Sripuram is costly and bigger than the Golden Temple in Amritsar. In spite of the sculpture in the temple, a lot of money was spent on gold. The cost of buying gold is less expensive than the cost of making the temple. The transparency in the purchase of gold needed for construction was performed. The Reserve Bank allowed the Minerals and Metal Trading Corporation to buy gold. 400 people (who were involved in the golden sculpture of Tirumala Tirupati Temple) took responsibility for the construction of the temple for six years. The temple has Rajagopuram. The Thirumala Temple has around 36 pillars. The middle of the chandelier is completely done with gold. In the temple premises, lakhs of plants are planted in the park. Beautiful fountains are getting added. Special lighting was created for the temple. The sculpture of the temple is emerging in this light. In the sanctum sanctorum of the sanctum sanctorum, a tip of the ten feet with a 27 feet tall Panchalayam. It involves a thousand blessings. From the sky, the temple is seen in the shape of Srichakram.

How to Reach Golden temple:

  • 49 km away from Chittoor.
  • The distance from Tirupati is 134 km away.
  • Train at Kattpadi railway station and reach Sripuram.
  • 145 km from Chennai airport This field is away.
  • Travelers traveling to Tirumala Yatra can also visit Sripuram along with Kanipakam and Srinivasa Mangapuram.

Places we cover

  • Srinivasa Mangapuram
  • Kanipakam (Ganesh Temple)
  • Golden temple

Price In Detail

  • Tamil Nadu state tax 900/- for innova
  • Parking charges

Number Of Kiometers and Journey Time

Number Of KilometersTravel Time
280 KM (Up and down)6 Hours (Excluding darshan timings)

Pickup Points

  • Tirupati Railway station
  • Tirupati Bus Stand
  • Any Hotel/ Residence In Tirupati